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These images and texts below shows and explains the features of the app. Trackbudget is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Picture 1: After having a transaction, you can add it to the app and sorting it by its category. If its the first transaction in that category(e.g sports), future transactions under that category will be added accordingly, and it tracks the total spending within that time period (week, 2 weeks, month, year, etc), decreasing ur budget in the process.

Picture 2: You are able set a budget for a certain time period of any length, as well as plan for expenses for upcoming events. The most important section will be savings, where you can set an amount that you want to save within the budget. You will also be notified when the budget amount comes close to the savings amount, and will be shown some categories that you spent alot on daily, so that you can manage better.

Picture 3: Although this is mainly used for business owners, it can be used to daily expenses as well, where income can be from selling some unused items, betting wins, and more. As shown, it tracks your opening and ending balance, with income and expenses shown. You will be shown the amount of expenses for the datelines shown in the picture.